After completing a business administration/finance degree, and a subsequent professional career in this field, Tuğba Hacısüleymanoğlu decided to take the passion since her childhood for paintings beyond a leisure activity; and has set up Art&Design Atelier by Tuğba Hacısüleymanoğlu. 
Since the very first stroke of the brush; she believed techniques and colors do not limit the outpouring of the feelings, and she can elucidate a lot in her arts with a silent tone.
EYES TO EYES - 80 cm X 110 cm
During this period she practiced different techniques with the help of artistic education. Today, she carries traces of patterns and textures of fissuration and fracture creating a breaking up imagery that discloses powerful emotions to her abstract and figurative paintings. 
SILENT - 180 cm X 180 cm
AWAKENING - 160 cm X 170 cm
“I see my paintings as an effort to elucidate all the emotions that people already possess, with my own individuality and uniqueness, and by the same strength that all those emotions make me feel.“ 
- Tugba Hacisuleymanoglu
LAVA - 60 cm X 60 cm
2014 “Ekolojik Kadın Köyü Lansmanı” Gruop Exhibition, Cemal Reşit Rey, Istanbul 
2014 Solo Exhibition, Nikol Galata , İstanbul
2015 “States of Material III”, Armaggan Art and Design Gallery, Istanbul
2015 “Proggresive”, Türker Art Gallery, Istanbul
BURTS - 100 cm X 100 cm