Andy Cano

Born : 1982
Hometown : Santiago de Cuba / Cuba
Lives & Works : Istanbul / Turkey
Education :

Andy Cano was born in Santiago de Cuba which is known as “Capital of Afro-Cuba Culture”, in 1982. He grew up in an environment that was surrounded with art. As an infant, he began to take guitar lessons and he attended national and international festivals with his band Los Chicos del Barrio - Children of the Neighborhood, which he founded at the age of 9.
In 2000, Cano discovered his talent on painting by Spanish painter Manuel whom he lived together with for a while on his visit to Montmartre - Painters Hill in Paris as part of his musical bands’ European Tour that was sponsored by UNESCO. In 2001, Cano and Manuel attended several exhibitions on various art centers when Manuel visited Santiago de Cuba.
Since 2010, Cano lives in Turkey and continues his career as a musician. He began to paint again after visiting Cuba in 2014. Getting back from his recent trip from Cuba, he realized that painting is the perfect way to express his emotions and get over "nostalgia" for his beloved country Cuba, and for his family and friends he left there.
Cano’s favorite style is expressionism and paints by imagination and memories of his beloved country, Cuba.  
Solo Exhibitions
2016 Moda Sea Club, Istanbul 
2015 Venüs Sanat Galerisi, Istanbul 
2015 İbramaki Art Gallery, Kusadasi 
2014 Damla Art Gallery, Istanbul
Group Exhibitions
2015 “Dün-Bugün-Yarın”, La Mancha Restaurant, Istanbul
2015 “Ben Küçükken Düş Görürdüm”, Vino Steakhouse, Istanbul
2014  Open Atelier Exhibition, Göktürk - Zekeriyaköy, Istanbul
2014 "Açıklı, Koyulu, Gölgeli” Painting Exhibition, Akatlar Culture Center, Istanbul