Aslihan Elrantissi

Born : 1995
Hometown : Istanbul / Turkey
Lives & Works : Istanbul / Turkey
Education :

2009-2013 Hikmet Nazif Kurşunoğlu Technical High School, Graphics Department 
2014-2020 Trakya University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department 
2021 Trakya University, Institute of Social Sciences, Painting Department Graduate Degree


I was born in Istanbul in 1995. I studied Graphic Design in high school. In 2020, I graduated from Trakya University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting. I received theoretical trainings on the art of painting at the university. I agreed on various techniques along with the drawings and workshops. I received trainings on basic drawing and design. I'm interested in artistic compositions and color spaces. I created my original artistic style. In my works, I reflect the transformation of our impressions in our psychological processes along with the sensory effects of colors and forms. I aim to reflect the reflections of the living world, the parts of our inner world, the whole together with our intellectual emotional processes. I participated in national and international competition exhibitions. 

2017 "3 Kadın 1 Sergi", Edirne
2019 Trakya University "Edirne Görünümleri" Painting Competition 
2019 "Self Kontrol" Deniz Gökduman Atelier
2019 UPSD Genç Etkinlik 8 Painting Competition 
2019 Trakya University Faculty of Fine Arts Painting Department Graduation Exhibition
2020 İstanbul Technical University "Hayal Melodiler" Painting Competition 
2020 TEV Corona Heroes Association Portakal Çiçeği UPSD Exhibition 
2020 Art Number 23 Open Art Contest In Athens Virtual Exhibition
2021 Rotary Club İzmir Young Artists Virtual Exhibition 
2021 Trakya University "Bahar Melodileri" Painting Exhibition
2021 La Visione Art Gallery Confident Exhibition
2021 Ahbaplar Association "Support For Futture" Exhibition
2021 Exhibition International Competition “Southerly Winds” Naoma Exhibition Hall National Academy Of Fine Arts And Architecture Kyiv-Ukraine

Chat of Joy

Aslihan Elrantissi
66cm x 96cm

7.000,00 TL
6.900,00 TL
6.900,00 TL

Aslihan Elrantissi
46cm x 96cm

5.000,00 TL
6.900,00 TL

Aslihan Elrantissi
50cm x 70cm

3.500,00 TL
Step of Life

Aslihan Elrantissi
50cm x 70cm

3.400,00 TL