Aysegul Ongel

Born : 1966
Hometown : Istanbul / Turkey
Lives & Works : Mugla / Turkey
Education :

Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture (1988)


Aysegul Ongel was born in Istanbul, in 1966. She graduated from Middle East Technical University Faculty of Architecture in 1988. He retired from public institution in 2020. She started painting in 2004 and took lessons from Painter Huseyin YILDIRIM within Nurol Art Gallery. She is currently working in her own workshop. To date, she has participated in numerous group exhibitions and held 2 solo exhibitions.

2017 Ministry of Culture Mustafa Ayaz Museum, Ankara
2020 United Painters and Sculptors Association, Ankara

2007 K.K.K., Ankara
2008 Ethnography Museum, Ankara
2011 October Passage Contemporary Art and Design, Istanbul
2014 Wine Point, Ankara
2012-2021 Nurol Atelier 
2020 La Vision Art Gallery, İstanbul
2020 XArtPlatform International Online Painting Exhibition
2020 Luna Art Gallery, Istanbul
2021 HGC Art Gallery, Bodrum
2021 BüşraÜçler Art Gallery, Izmir

I am an architect. Even at the height of my work life, I was never separated from painting. Painting and discovering new works has been my greatest passion. In general, I work expressionist and abstract in a stained style using acrylic paint and mixed technique on canvas. I strive to capture my own shapes and color harmony in open composition. When I paint, I share the adventure of colors and shapes. On this exciting journey, I'm drifting from one emotion to another. 

Sometimes it's as spacious as it gets, as wide as eternity...

Sometimes I get tight, I want to ruin everything I do! That's when I'm going after a vision that gives itself away like a black pearl. You know, the tasteless side of life that we've been avoiding, they become an unprecedented source of inspiration, and every time I shut up, the colors start talking. Believe me, I don't know what they're going to say in the beginning. I'm always looking forward to it. I can't confirm with anyone the existence of abstract words that I feel in my self. Instead, the sounds of colors and shapes are otherwise in the depths of each soul.

And you, dear art lovers, how do you feel when you look at my paintings?

Abstraction 2

Aysegul Ongel
50cm x 70cm

12.500,00 TL