Effat Pourhasani

Born : 1981
Hometown : Tabriz / Iran
Lives & Works : Istanbul / Turkey
Education :
2009 M.A, Tehran Azad University, Central Unit, Iran, (Painting)
2007 B.A, Tabriz Azad University, Iran, (Painting)
2002 Higher Diploma Alzahra Technical & Vocational Training Organization, Tabriz, Iran, (Graphic)
1999 Ostad Shahriyar Visual Arts School, Tabriz, Iran, (Graphic)

The inspiration of works come from nature and Persian culture which believes that images of the trees are symbolizing the freedom and integrity. It was thought that the essence of the tree carries the trustfulness, so anyone who breath in the scent of the tree could not be deceitful in its presence. We are dependent on something much bigger than we think. We are all connected, we ruin nature, and all those tree deformations at my paintings is my struggle to make people notice it and to be aware of destroying Mother Nature. Adoring the landscape paintings and it's respect of self-internal states of being to be part of nature. In my paintings, I'm not interested in mimicking the nature but I combine it with the inner world of nature in order to reflect more of the visible world, to lead towards deformation at the same time and abstraction. when I start painting, it's completely spontaneous and allows colors and forms to be combined, that create unity. Every piece is built up with several layers of acrylic colors and sometimes I let some layers to remain up to the final stage, some layers glazing within multiple transparent layers of colors. My works can be found in private collections in Iran, Turkey, United Kingdom, United State, Germany, Thailand, Taiwan, France and Bosnia Herzegovina.
2019 International Art Symposium, BRIAS. Blue Rhino. Istanbul, Turkey
2018 Art Expo, The Artworks of Tabriz Artists, Hotel Kaya, Lale Park, Tabriz, Iran
2017 Solo Painting Exhibition, Nis Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2016 Solo Painting Exhibition, Bakraç Sanat Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2016 Participant Group Painting Exhibition, Bahariye, Istanbul, Turkey
2016 Participant International Mail Art Project, Istanbul, Turkey
2010 Received The Recognition & Encouragement Plaque in the Second Fajr International Festival Of Visual Art, Tehran, Iran
2009 Painting Selected for the Sacred Defence Week Commemoration Worksop, Tabriz, Iran
2009 Memorial Plaque in the First Fajr International Festival of Visual Art, Tehran Museum Of Contemporary Art, Tehran, Iran
2009 Participant, Tabriz Contemporary Painters, Saba, Tehran, Iran
2007 Memorial Plaque in the Seventh National Biennial Contemporary Painting, Tehran, Iran
2002 Second Place Winner, Graphic in the 5. Festival Of Theatre & Culture Art, Tehran, Iran
2002 First Place Winner, Scientific Authority Designated (Best Project), Iran
2001 Memorial Plaque in the Forth Professional Technical College Of Art & Culture Festival, Tabriz, Iran
2007 First Place Winner, Graphic (Illustration) in Art & Culture Festival, Tabriz, Iran