Emil Aziz

Born : 1984
Hometown : Baku / Azerbaijan
Lives & Works : Istanbul / Turkey
Education :
Boğaziçi University, Faculty of Science-Literature, Mathematic Department, Undergraduate Degree
Yeditepe University MBA (Pazarlama), Graduate Degree

Emil Aziz was born in Baku / Azerbaijan, in 1984. Artist continues to practice art in Istanbul.
1995 Moved to Istanbul with his family.
1997 He continued his painting education at his artist father Prof. Refik Aziz’s atelier. 
1999 Group Exhibition: The Marmara Hotel Art Gallery ve Tekel Art Gallery, Istanbul.
2000 Group Exhibition: Pera Palace Hotel Art Gallery, Istanbul.
2004 Group Exhibition: Settar Behlulzade Art Gallery (Gallery 1969), Baku.
2004 Certificate: Azerbaijan Republic Culture and Tourism Ministry. 
2005 Certificate: 1. International Turkey Grameen Micro-Credit Art Biennial, Fighting Hunger in the World, Ankara. 
2005 Group Exhibition: Taksim Financial Advisors Art Gallery, Istanbul. 
2006 Group Exhibition: Koçbank Art Gallery, Istanbul.
2007 Boğaziçi University, Faculty of Science-Literature, Mathematic Department, Undergraduate Degree.
2009 Yeditepe University MBA (Pazarlama), Graduate Degree.   
2010 Group Exhibition: Edremit Tahtakuşlar Art Gallery, Canakkale.
2011 Membership: International Plastic Arts Association: UPSD (UNESCO)
2012 Academician: Yeditepe University, Faculty of Science-Literature, Mathematic Department (Continues).
2012 Solo Exhibition: “ARTISTanbul”, Beşiktaş Sea Museum, Istanbul. 
2013 Group Exhibition: “Hisler”, Arts Council Bakü, Baku.
2013 Group Exhibition: Haydar Aliyev’s 90. Anniversary Turkey-Azerbaijan International Painting Exhibition, TBMM National Palaces Dolmabahçe Fine Arts Gallery, Istanbul. 
2014 Solo Exhibition: “Semanın Renkleri”, Gallery 1969, Baku.
2014 Group Exhibition: VERA - World Fine Arts Festival, Lisbon, Portugal. 
2015 Solo Exhibition: “Hayallerim”, Museum Center, Baku. 
2015 Group Exhibition: Art Shopping Festival, Carrousel du Luvre, Paris. 
2016 Solo Exhibition: “Renkli Hayat” ort Baku Shopping Mall Art Gallery, Baku.
2017 Solo Exhibition: “Çiçeklenme”, Port Baku Shopping Mall Art Gallery, Baku.

Art of War

Emil Aziz
85cm x 110cm

14.000,00 TL

Emil Aziz
90cm x 70cm

7.500,00 TL