Ercan Altuntas

Born : 1989
Hometown : Diyarbakır / Turkey
Lives & Works : Diyarbakir / Turkey
Education :
İzmir Ümran Baradan High School of Fine Arts
9 Eylul University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Ceramic and Glass Design

“Just chaos. It’s more like a type of resistance then painting… It converts into resistance by vital and financial means. Most basic thought is to focus but it’s almost impossible to create art under these circumstances. It’s not easy to make the best of a bad bargain. Unknown or known. Good or bad. Both of them are not away from each other. I still don’t understand how they complete each other. That is not a quest. It’s more like the anxiety of saving the day or moment… We just give away without having anything in return. You can’t imagine how absurd that is.

You are aware of it. But it’s not going to drag you to future. Due to pressure of other competing powers, there can’t be just the absolute power of a single ruler. This is where it gets meaningless. We forget our bodies, our minds, our love. Because we just surf over the news websites just to find out how many died today… What a bloodcurdling and painful love.”

Meleke Tawus

Ercan Altuntas
50cm x 65cm

3.400,00 TL

Ercan Altuntas
50cm x 65cm

2.700,00 TL