Iliad Sabchi

Born : 1983
Hometown : Tabriz / Iran
Lives & Works : Ankara / Turkey
Education :

BFA in Painting, Tabriz Azad University, Iran (2000-2005)
MFA in Painting, Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan, India (2007-2009)
PhD in Painting, Visva Bharati University, Santiniketan, India (2012-Not Completed)


My little journey of artistic practices began in my early ages with learning how to handle a pencil like a magic wand, I was fortunate to heva creative and open minded family and I was brave enough to walk into the path of abstraction where I learned and unlearned, inhaled and exhaled and earned nothing but a little bit of mysel. Sometimes traveling the world and nature felt as good as painting, later I discover a door to step into the musical dimensions and all that added to my perception of unknown.

Sometimes... The very abstraction of nature itself has generally been in my focus and lately I have began to pay more attention to its dialogue, sometimes its connection and sometimes its possible unity with the subconscious which appears quite tangibly within the results of my spontaneous choices and in combination with the divine freedom in the behavior of nature while considering all the materials used in a painting as a composition of natural elements, makes the process not so far from the alchemy to me. I care for love in the process, I long for peace and I see my paintings as projections of my inner and outer worlds in relationship with my psyche and soul which is being physically sensible after all. 

My works are part of public and private collections in different countries

2012 Toji Art Gallery, Toji Cultural Center, Wonju, South Korea
2011 Sarv Art Gallery, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan

2018 Fassounaki Art Gallery, Tabriz, Iran
2018 Kabood Gallery, Tabriz, Iran
2018 Kokrahjar College of Music and Fine Arts, Assam, India
2016 20th Annual Festival of Alternative Art, Yerevan, Armenia
2014 Masan Art Fair, South Korea
2013 Namboo International Art Festival, Dagu, South Korea
2013 Chandong Gallery, Masan, South Korea
2010 Iranian Contemporary Exhibition, Ganges Art Gallery, Kolkata, India
2010 Azerbaijan Contemporary Art Exhibiton, Tehran Art Center, Iran
2009 Samokal Art Gallery, Kolkata, India
2009 Annual Exhibition of Kala-Bhavan, Kolkata, India
2008 Yasami Gallery, Tabriz, Iran
2007 Nandan Gallery, Santiniketan, India
2005 Saba House Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2004 Yasami Gallery, Tabriz, Iran
2004 Bang Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2004 Behzad Gallery (Installation), Tabriz, Iran
2004 Aria Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2003 Yasami Gallery, Art and Cultural Center, Tabriz, Iran
2003 Behzad Gallery, Tabriz, Iran
2002 Mir Ali Tabrizi Gallery, Art and Cultural Center, Tabriz, East Azerbaijan

Hope 1

Iliad Sabchi
140cm x 90cm

16.500,00 TL
Hope 2

Iliad Sabchi
140cm x 90cm

16.500,00 TL

Iliad Sabchi
84cm x 84cm

12.000,00 TL
Untitled 3

Iliad Sabchi
76cm x 76cm

11.500,00 TL
Hope 3

Iliad Sabchi
140cm x 90cm

16.500,00 TL
Untitled 2

Iliad Sabchi
68cm x 68cm

11.000,00 TL