Mehdi Saadeti

Born : 1981
Hometown : Tebriz / Iran
Lives & Works : Ankara / Turkey
Education :
Tabriz Azad University, Fine Arts and Architecture Faculty, Architecture Department (Undergraduate & Graduate)
Hacettepe University, Proficiency in Art Degree

Mehdi Saadeti was born in Tebriz / Iran in 1981. Between 1999-2006, he attended Bachelor and Master degree programs in Architecture Department at Fine Arts and Architecture Faculty of Tabriz Azad University. The title of his Final Project in Master’s Degree was “Architecture without Function – A Monumental Architecture for Moghul Period’s Utopian Architecture.” Between 2001-2008, he worked in his art studio in Tabriz, Heris and Jolfa cites, trying deferent fields of arts. In 2008, he was attended as Research Assistant in Heris Azad University for a semester. In 2009, he was selected for Proficiency in Art program in Hacettepe University, Painting Department in Ankara. Mehdi Saadeti continues his artistic career and education in Hacettepe University, Painting Department. 
2000 Group Photography Exhibition, Yasemi Gallery, Tebriz, Iran
2001 Group Painting Exhibition, Azerbaijan Higher Education Institute, Tebriz, Iran
2005 The Third International Biennial of the Islamic World Contemporary Painting, Saba Gallery, Tahran, Iran
2007 The First National Drawing Biennale, Dr. Sandouzi Museum, Tahran, Iran
2007 The Fourth International Biennial Of Islamic World Contemporary Painting, Saba Gallery, Tahran, Iran
2007 Architectural Competition, A House For Ingmar Bergman, Online Exhibition, ICARCH Gallery, Chicago, USA
2012 Solo Painting Exhibition, Khagani Cultural Center, Tebriz, Iran
2012 Group Painting Exhibition, Fine Arts faculty of Hacettepe University, Faculty Salon, Ankara, Turkey
2012 Keçi Geçti Art Group Exhibition, Ankara Meydan Sahnesi, Ankara, Turkey
2012 Lament Solo Painting Exhibition, Homage for Giya Kancheli, Nazim Hikmet Cultural Center, Ankara, Turkey
2012 Solo Painting Exhibition, Shalman Art Gallery, Tahran, Iran
2013 “Neighbors” Group Exhibition, Supermarket WC Gallery, Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic
2013 “Hacettepe in Europe III”, Group Painting Exhibition, Prizren, Kosovo 
2013 Group Exhibition, Gallery Ramp, UJEP University, Fine Arts Faculty, Czech Republic
2013 “Kafes” Group Exhibition Karma Sergi, Arete Gallery, Ankara, Turkey
2013 The First Biennial of Young Azeri Artists, Shelman Gallery, Tehran, Iran
2014 Hafıza, Yüzleşme ve Dayanışma Group Exhibition, Gallery Uray, Ankara, Turky
2014 “My Home is Everywhere” Group Exhibition, Gallery Kandinsky, Wien, Austria
2015 “Lament (II)” Solo Painting Exhibition, Hayyam Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2015 War and Peace, Group Art Exhibition,  Gold Coast Art Center, Australia
2015 “Eski-Yeni Anadolu”, Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts,  Poland
2015 "Bir şeyler”, Değart Lab Gallery, Eskişehir, Turkey
2016 War and Peace II, Group Art Exhibition, Contemporary Arts Center, Ankara, Turkey
2017 Mentor, Group Exhibition, Çankaya Gallery, Ankara, Turkey
2017 Odradek, Solo Exhibition, Gallery Soyut, Ankara, Turkey
2018 Lament (III), Solo Exhibition, ARK Gallery, İstanbul, Turkey
2018 İç Ses, Group Exhibition, Kova Art Gallery, Ankara, Turkey