Pinar Bora

Born :
Hometown : Istanbul / Turkey
Lives & Works : Istanbul / Turkey
Education :

My works reflect my observations of the ongoing and changing features of individuals, society and nature. all of the intuitive integrity and various traumatic approaches that come up from observations are presented to viewers with known metaphors. Metaphormic elements structure the basics of starting point of my works. I approach the common forms with mental solutions. I try to edit the familiar displays with an unusual composition. I aim to adumbrate the viewer with his/her sole interpretation about the; unlimited resistance of the individuals with different identities in society and the different characteristics imposed on individuals by those identities; with the use of colors, forms and compositional methods.   
2013  “Çabala Gala”, Ünlüler Theater, Istanbul
2012 Contemporary İstanbul 2012, Buryos, Istanbul Lütfi Kırdar International Congress and Exhibition Center, Istanbul
2010 “Mezuniyet Exhibiton”, MKM, Beşiktaş, Istanbul
2010 “2. Söbütay Özer Painting Contest”, Cermodern, Ankara
2010 “Gravür” Ayazağa Sergi Salonu, Istanbul
2010 “5. International Student Trienal”, Marmara University, FFA, Istanbul
2010 “Baba”, Artist Bekcisi Casting Agency, Istanbul
2009 “Ebedi İstirahat”, Ayazağa Exhibition Center, Istanbul

Blue Hill

Pinar Bora
130cm x 130cm

9.000,00 TL
Feelings Change

Pinar Bora
130cm x 100cm

7.000,00 TL

Pinar Bora
100cm x 150cm

8.000,00 TL