Yesim Kaymak

Born : 1972
Hometown : Ankara / Turkey
Lives & Works : Ankara / Turkey
Education :

Hacettepe University, Medical Faculty (1996)


Yesim Kaymak was born in Ankara, in 1970. She graduated from Hacettepe University, Medical Faculty (1996). While studying at the medical faculty, she took drawing and oil painting lessons from master artist Kayıhan Keskinok. Since 2014, she has been taking painting and sculpture lessons in the workshops of highly valued artists such as Hüseyin Yıldırım, Fatih Karakaş and Azimet Karaman. She continues his painting works in his own workshop.

2019 Gallery Soyut, New December Exhibition
2020 ArtAnkara Contemporary Art Fair
2021 ArtAnkara Contemporary Art Fair
2022 ArtAnkara Contemporary Art Fair
2022 Artcontact Contemporary Art Fair

I think that in the modern era, it is possible to slow down time, to breathe, to express oneself and to free emotions through art. The artist's ability to say "I am here too, I imagined, I created and now I have multiplied" is a tool for the artist to make himself visible. I believe in the healing power of every branch of art. When I paint, I feel that I integrate with the canvas and that the painful process of creating changes me and carries me to a different point from the beginning. I try to portray the reflection of the beauty of nature and the inner world on women's portraits among colors, light and shadows.