Becoming Blue

50cm X 80cm

Acrylic on Canvas

3.700,00 TL


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"Effat Pourhasani, an Iranian sovereign, Azeri. Until we see her paintings, I think that this art branch has not received much compliment and reputation in Iran because of Islam's approach to painting, I am wrong. In Effat's paintings there is neither an Oriental mischief nor a complicated opacity for those miniatures, nor an Oriental anxiety concern. On the contrary, it seems that contemporary painting education and art enthusiasm have enabled to reveal mature works. My late friend Burhan Uygur had said a word to a young painter who sincerely painted, "he took the idea of dancing with her painting in space." I can say the same thing for Effat Pourhasani. Because living and cherishing the thrill of color is like a proof of breathing, being a painter is such a thing. Effat Pourhasani's mature and competent paintings really excite me. "
- Painter Niyazi Toptoprak