Breaking Pattern
150cm X 100cm
Artevo Edition 1. Print

Proofsec Print, Mixed Media (Oil, Body Painting & Photography)

65.000,00 TL


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Artwork symbolizes two questions: What are the patterns in our life that dot not serve us? What is good to let go?
Kivinen innovated his own form of mixed media art (which involves body-painting, traditional painting, photography and image manipulation) in 2008 titled ARTEVO (Art Evolving), which has gathered substantial international exposure as well as critical acclaim.
Artevo describes a fusion of photography and paint mediums, further intensified by additional undisclosed aspects. The end product is rich in visual texture and emotional depth, providing a channel for inner experiences outwards, emphasizing how the creative journey is every bit as valuable. The Artevo process also involves a potentially cathartic process for the model through NLP practices, which blended with philosophy absorbed from inspirational thinkers to then become the final pieces of art.
Artwork is shipped as signed.