www.Gallerymak.com is set as an online art gallery for artists from Turkey and all over the world whose works have now become easily accessible and purchasable by a large transnational public of art lovers. Departing from the fact that it is pretty difficult in Turkey to explore new artists and artworks except during international art events, and to contribute into resolving this problem, our team has come together in Istanbul in 2015.
We suppose that the most stimulating and satisfying way for an artist to feel rewarded for the effort s/he spends in the process of creation is to meet her/his piece with its audience. To facilitate this moment, we aim to popularize the purchase of artworks by forming an online vitrine, rich in terms of style, conceptualization and technique.
As the GALLERYMAK team, we aim at bringing together artists and artlovers worldwide by effectively using the means of mass communication and social networks that the ‘‘Zeitgeist’’ requires and, perhaps, forces everyone of us to do. We believe that the point of view of each individual takes form accoring to life experiences s/he had and constrained to have had. And it is in parallel to this presence or absence of choices that one’s conceptualization of art is determined. Moving from that feature of art theory and practice which internalizes, problematizes and universalizes single life stories, we say: Art exists for everyone!
Gallerymak.com is active day and night for you to discover, share and incorporate artworks in your spaces of living.
MAKe life Artful!