- GALLERYMAK gives detailed information about the artists and their CV, art portfolio, inspiration, and way of working.
- GALLERYMAK has selected artists, supported by professional art experts, which secures the quality and authenticity of the artists and artworks you are buying online.
- GALLERYMAK also offers advanced on-screen visualization of the artworks. GALLERYMAK’s “Zoom-in” feature implemented on high resolution pictures of artworks allows you to see the artwork’s smallest details. Gallerymak’s “View in a room” feature allows you to visualize and scale how the artwork will look by presenting it on a wall in a room. 
- People are getting more used to judging art from a computer or tablet screen, as the quality of LED screens are constantly improving.
- The main advantage of buying art online is definitely having access to a wide choice of artists and artworks from all around the world, without leaving your home or office. Artists that were previously inaccessible immediately become available to potential buyers around the world. At the same time, GALLERYMAK offer to both sellers and buyers secure shipping and payment facilities.
- The prices become more transparent through GALLERYMAK. In a traditional gallery, it is not always clear how the prices are set and how they stand in comparison to other artists and/or similar artworks. Online, it is easy to compare the price setting with that of other artists and even between galleries. 
- Buying art online makes it possible to discover great artists and pieces which would never have become available through a traditional gallery. And foremost, the prices are affordable at Gallerymak! 
- We are living in a world where time is prescious. Visiting traditional galleries, marching between several art spots could be very time consuming. However, enjoying the world of art at GALLERYMAK is just a click away. You can search by setting your preferences and discover your favourite artworks within seconds.
- So why would you still hesitate to buy your next artwork online? Just go for it!