Ipek Keylansoy

Born : 1989
Hometown : Eskisehir / Turkey
Lives & Works : Antalya / Turkey
Education :
Yeditepe University, Law School, Full Scholarship (2012)

Ipek Keylansoy, born in 1989, completed her primary, middle and high school education in Izmir and she won the Law School of Yeditepe University with full scholarship and graduated in February, 2012. After graduation, Keylansoy moved back to Izmir and following her internship, she worked in her profession for 3 years. Her passion for painting overcame her professional career and after getting married and moving to Antalya, she stopped her career as lawyer and dedicated herself into the art of painting. Since then, she spends her days in her atelier and describes her life in her own words;
“I was a painter in my childhood and I turned into a lawyer as a grown up. Spending days in courthouses as a lawyer made me realize that growing up is not that beautiful. It was not possible to travel back in time. But I could have lived those days in my dreams and I could have painted the past. I lived and painted, I always painted myself. I remember having tears in my eyes and realizing that painting is a necessity in my life when I read Frida’s words, “I paint my own reality. The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration.” It hasn’t been long since I decided to retire and start painting all day long. People say that I am Surreal. If I have to describe my style of painting, it could be named as Surreal but again I will quote from Frida, “I paint my own reality.” I never aimed to create the perfect painting. I don’t believe that I will ever have such a purpose. My goal is not to reach perfection; it is to become a real artist. Hope to achieve that..”
2014 Bahart Group Painting Exhibition, Izmir Etik Art House, Izmir (2-28 May)
2014 Bahart Group Painting Exhibition, Izmir Etik Art House, Izmir (17-31 October)