Kadir Kaplan

Born :
Hometown : Nigde / Turkey
Lives & Works : Nigde / Turkey
Education :
Pamukkale University, Painting Instructorship Department
Anatolian High School of Fine Arts

Kadir Kaplan noticed his talent on drawing that run in the family and started to practice the art of painting. After attending courses in an art atelier for 4 years, he won Anatolian High School of Fine Arts with degree and get educated in painting, sculpture, print and photograph branches for another 4 years. In 2007, he entered Pamukkale University, Painting Instructorship Department and during his undergraduate years, he attended several art competitions and won awards. He made a name by winning a competition in 2011 and he participated in landscaping projects of municipality. 
Kadir Kaplan describes his perspective of art in his own words: “It is almost impossible to describe by words how painting makes me feel. At that moment, you create your own world, a vision of your own imagination. Time seems to stop, you just isolate yourself from normal life, no sorrow or worries in your head, you just paint whatever is on your mind in an expressionist style. You listen to a song, you focus on and get lost in it, suddenly you realize that you are already half way through with the painting! Painting is like pouring your heart, the best way to express yourself.”
2011 “En Güzel Mekan”, Filli Boya National Photography Competition, 3rd Place
2004 Solo Exhibition, Nigde Culture Center, Nigde
2009 Pamukkale University Exhibition Hall, Denizli

Clash of Colors

Kadir Kaplan
65cm x 44cm

1.000,00 TL

Kadir Kaplan
80cm x 130cm

8.000,00 TL

Kadir Kaplan
40cm x 40cm

3.000,00 TL
Street Children

Kadir Kaplan
108cm x 150cm

30.000,00 TL
Ancient Rome

Kadir Kaplan
30cm x 30cm

3.000,00 TL