Murat Oguz

Born : 1975
Hometown : Tunceli / Turkey
Lives & Works : Antalya / Turkey
Education :
Gazi University, Faculty of Education, Painting Department

Murat Oğuz was born in Pertek in 1975. He studied at Gazi University, Gazi Faculty of Education, Painting Department. The Ministry of National Education has designed various textbooks within the presidency of the Training and Training board, making photographs, cartoons, graphics and illustrations. He held 9 solo exhibitions in the country and also participated in numerous group exhibitions and fairs. He continues to practice art in Antalya. 

The artist's work is characterized by an expressive sense of art. His figures characterize the spiritual situation in which they are located, more than a headshot. He tries to paint the essence beyond what everyone can see. The figures in the paintings are painful and sordid but also enthusiastic and rebellious. Sometimes a scream, sometimes in a quiet agony. The Ravens, flowers and portraits that are subject to their work are beyond history and time. Space and time are unclear. There is a conscious deformation in the figures that are images of their inner world.