Sehnaz Aykac

Born :
Hometown : Istanbul / Turkey
Lives & Works :
Education :

Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, Pattern and Painting Practices with Prof. Tayfun Erdogmuş


Sehnaz Aykac was born in Istanbul and started to work on painting with artist Nihal Atamer in 1990. At the same time she opened her own workshop and she continued painting with Basri Erdem.
She practiced painting and pattern with Prof. Tayfun Erdoğmuş at Marmara University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting continued working on patterns with Atilla Tos. Later on, she reinforced her original style thanks to participation of Selahattin Yıldırım and Mustafa Horasan.
The artist adopted painting as a form of life in a variety of artistic works. She spent intensive studies to bring the art of painting to the next level in the years of flexibility that humanist structure brings. The understanding of art has always been directly proportional to human love. In the inner circle of the art of painting, she traveled in the blue and red sparkle and started his Cubist studies.
The artist, who has 28 solo exhibitions in Turkey, also exhibited many mixed exhibitions and fairs abroad, including France, Greece, Moscow, Baku, Bulgaria and Berlin. She has supported many Social Responsibility Projects, mainly Down's syndromes and street children, with her works and participation.
Sehnaz Aykac is a member of Association of Historical Turkish Houses Conservation Association, Painters Association, 118 y International Lions Club and Recreation Association. She is also a proud member Master Artist of Fine Arts Association.
The works of the artist are found in many local and international catalogs, museums and important collections. She continues her art practices at her own workshop.

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Woman on the Mirror

Sehnaz Aykac
40cm x 50cm

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