Agit Ugur Uludag

Born : 1989
Hometown : Adana / Turkey
Lives & Works : Eskisehir / Turkey
Education :
Anadolu University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Painting Department, Honor's Degree (2013) 
Nevid Kodalli Anatolian High School of Fine Arts, Mersin (2008)

As I am practicing the oldest occupation in the history, it is clear that art has a direct and one-to-one relationship with it’s creator. I usually tell stories in my works. They usually derive from the stories that weren’t written before. Therefore, the audience is free to come to a conclusion. My stories only whisper to the ears of the audience in a descriptive manner; what the audience sees or how to interpret their experiences over my story is just under their own responsibility. Otherwise, it won’t have any difference and raise awareness from the mural paintings in caves of ancient world or any artwork hanging on the white walls of art galleries that were created before.
My works technically harmonize the traces of past with today’s non-existing stories. Sometimes, I visualize today’s up-to-date twinges with an obscure style. Therefore, each and every mind is actually a portrait of past, utopia or the future. The aim of my paintings is to reveal the painful drama without any aesthetically concerns and the shadows of colors and themes. I create my mystic artworks by harmonizing Baroque Classicism with surreality. Under this technical approach, figurative and romantic scenes form the general layout of my paintings. 
2016 3 Young Artist Exhibition, Terakki Foundation Art Gallery, Istanbul
2016 22. Little Things, Group Exhibition, Eskisehir
2016 21. Little Things, Group Exhibition, Gaziantep
2015 20. Little Things, Group Exhibition, Istanbul
2015 Akcabaat Municipality Art Workshop, Trabzon
2015 19. Little Things, Group Exhibition, Dibeklihan, Bodrum
2015 Sagallassos Antique City Life, Art Workshop, Isparta
2015 4. Akcaabat Art Workshop, Trabzon
2015 15. International Art Workshop, Art Suites Gallery, Bodrum
2015 2. Traditional Peker Art Awards, Ankara
2015 18. Little Things, Group Exhibition, Terakki Art Gallery, Istanbul
2015 17. Little Things, Group Exhibition, Gallery Soyut, Ankara
2014 Soul of Canakkale Painting Competition, Canakkale 18 Mart University, Canakkale
2014 9. International Painting Workshop Painting Workshop, Art Suits Gallery, Bodrum
2013 Honour’s Degree Graduates Exhibition, Adıyaman U. Faculty of Fine Arts, Adiyaman
2013 Year End Exhibition, Anadolu University Contemporary Arts Museum, Eskisehir
2013 3 Seperate Ways, Painting Exhibition, Anadolu University, Eskisehir
2012 Solo Exhibition, Anadolu University, Eskisehir