Berna Ozbakir

Born : 1966
Hometown : Antalya / Turkey
Lives & Works : Antalya / Turkey
Education :
Frankfurt Ludwig Richter, Painting Department

Berna Ozbakir was born in Antalya, in 1966. She completed her elementary education at Antalya Sakarya Primary School and later in 1984, she graduated from Frankfurt Ludwig Richter Art School, Painting Department. In 1986, she came back to Turkey to learn her mother tongue and adapt into Turkish culture where she also graduated from Graphic and Painting Department of vocational school for girls.
She spends most of her time in her atelier practicing watercolor and oil painting practices on silk as well as landscape works. Ozbakir dedicated herself to find a way to share her love of art and colors of nature with other people. While devoting herself to art practices, she portrayed her spiritual life and other emotional and abstract subjects on paintings where the sense of feeling was expressed freely. She figured out that fabulous colors have provided her various insights. She realized that the world we thought to be very large is actually very small and that we experience things repeatedly while practicing on her theory of “Spiritual theme of colors on human psychology”.
All the data she collected points out that, it is actually difficult but a fun spirit game even and even a psychological key to the most remote corners of our souls, sometimes our emotions and obsessions that we can not admit, even to ourselves we say that for us in what it way delights or hurts you. Always and in every way "Flowers colorful as I'd like, my trees with garbled branches, lakes-seas-dreams so deep, the sky is stormy or calm. This is my world!” says the artist and supports that she loves all the living beings in nature and it should be put main focus to keep things alive rather than killing them. At least in our own self, within us and in our hearts…