Burcu Erkal Salman

Born : 1979
Hometown : Istanbul / Turkey
Lives & Works : Istanbul / Turkey
Education :

American Intercontinental University of Los Angeles, Fashion Design (1998)
Halic University, Art Therapy Certificate Program (2020)


She was born in Istanbul in 1979. She graduated from American Intercontinental University of Los Angeles, USA in 1998, where she studied fashion design. She studied painting at a private art studio between 1999-2003 in Turkey. She founded Gallery Bohem in 2014 and managed the gallery until 2018. She have ceramic education at Güli Ceramic Studio between 2016 and 2018. She completed the Art Therapy Certificate program at Halic University between 2019 and 2020. She had six solo exhibitions  and participated national and international fourty seven group exhibitions and workshops. She established social responsibility projects and participated in many international fairs. In 2014 while representing Turkey on an art Project one of her painting was exhibited at the museum in Poland along with the works of artists selected from countries in many different disciplines. She is continuing studies in her own studio since 2014. Her artworks are in many national and international collections. 

2004 Sessiz Düşler, solo exhibition, The Marmara Hotel, Taksim, Istanbul
2012 Tuvalde Kadınlık, solo exhibition, Art212, Istanbul
2014 International Thessaloniki art symposium (workshop) Thessaloniki, Greece
2014 Czestochowa city museum ’incident" International group exhibition, Czestochowa, Poland
2015 Whispers solo exhibition, Galeria8+IDKART, Warsaw, Poland
2016 Winter Salon Strasbourg,International contemporary art group exhibition, Strasbourg, France 
2016 4th Confluence’16 International art competition GalerieArt Eterne group exhibition, New Delhi, India
2017 I Think, solo exhibition,Gallery Bohem, Istanbul, Turkey
2017 Art International group exhibition, Moscow, Russia
2018 Art Voyage, International group exhibition, Dimitrovgad, Bulgaria
2019 Recyle solo exhibition, Eva Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2019 Respect to Andy Warhol, Mc Art Loft group exhibition, Uniq expo , Istanbul, Turkey
2020 Goodness is contagious, Orange Art Flower Colony Exhibition, Ankara, Turkey
2021 IAAF Art Fair, F Art stand, Istanbul, Turkey
2021 Patchwork exhibition, Balaban Art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2021 Encounters group exhibition, G&G Art Center, Istanbul, Turkey
2021 Hashtag solo exhibition, F art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey
2022 Infinite Energy, Mitochondrial Eve group exhibition, Ataturk Cultural Center, Istanbul, Turkey
2022 IAAF Art Fair, Lutfi Kirdar Congress and Exhibition hall, F Art stand, Istanbul, Turkey
2019-2021-2022-12 cm, Homecoming/Welcome group exhibition, Gallery Diani, Istanbul, Turkey
2023 Puzzle/Yap Boz solo exhibition, F art Gallery, Istanbul, Turkey

One Body

Burcu Erkal Salman
90cm x 120cm

38.000,00 TL

Burcu Erkal Salman
140cm x 140cm

32.000,00 TL

Burcu Erkal Salman
103cm x 103cm

35.000,00 TL

Burcu Erkal Salman
90cm x 120cm

38.000,00 TL

Burcu Erkal Salman
60cm x 60cm

12.000,00 TL

Burcu Erkal Salman
50cm x 50cm

9.000,00 TL