Buse Besevli

Born : 1996
Hometown : Karabuk / Turkey
Lives & Works : Izmir / Turkey
Education :

Sakarya University, Civil Engineering Department


I'm Buse Beşevli. I was born in Karabuk, in 1996. I completed my primary and secondary education in Kastamonu and my high school education at Ted Karabuk College. I completed my undergraduate education at Sakarya University, Civili Engineering Department. I'm planning a career on painting. During my undergraduate education, I worked as a model at Sakarya University Faculty of Art Design and Architecture, Department of Painting for 4 years.

In this way, I developed my passion for drawing from childhood thanks to the lessons I attended. I first discovered my interest and talent in painting when I was 14. I started creating portraits inspired by photographs, magazines and newspapers, friends, family and personal memories. In recent years, I have been influenced by the abstract expression movement. I started using the traces of the current in portraits I created. I'm a pop-expressionist painter. The artists I'm attracted to; Jackson Pollock, an abstract expressionist painter, and Jean-Paul Riopelle, a stone painter.

I use various techniques such as oil painting, acrylic paint, watercolor and pastel in my works. I also include female figures in my paintings, which I color with dripping and pouring techniques. Through my works of art, I explore themes of freedom, imagination and originality.