Sevil Ozupek

Born :
Hometown :
Lives & Works : Izmir / Turkey
Education :

Dokuz Eylül University, Painting Department


I graduated from Dokuz Eylul University, Painting Department. I continued my professional career as a graphic artist. I have carried out many packaging, printed and visual designs of corporate companies, mainly Bhu and Tuğba Kuruyemis. In this process, I've fed myself to the soul. Since 2014, I have been practicing art in my own atelier in Izmir. 

I'm making production in series because I believe art is a soul that is far from a single plane. Art does not only reflect beauty; we have to feel the pain, the sadness, the ugliest, the human emotion, the mood, the questioning and the art.

Together we met under a magnificent sky and world welcomes us as our host. Yet we live by forgetting that we are guests. I question the ego lives, the suffering, the sadness, the disappearances, the scars that have been forgotten by the double step, without breathing, or even in the sky.

In my studies, by expressing this question with fantastic narratives; Sometimes the depth of sadness, the life of despair; Sometimes I emphasize the cling to life.

"Art beautifies the Soul "

1995 Izmir Painting and Sculpture Museum Group Exhibition, Izmir
2014 "O Sergi Bu Sergi" Group Exhibition, Nişart Gallery, Istanbul
2014 "Yılbaşı Group Exhibition" Bahariye Art Gallery, Istanbul
2015 "Lütfi Kırdar Expo Center" Group Exhibition, Nişart Gallery, Istanbul
2016 "Düşler Gerçekler" Group Exhibition, Bahariye Art Gallery, Istanbul
2016 "İşte Benim Hikayem" Group Exhibition, Nişart Gallery, Istanbul
2016 "The Art Code" Beylerbeyi Palace Tünel Sanat Gallery, Nişart Galeri, Istanbul
2017 "8 Mart Dünya Kadınlar Günü" Woman Artists Painting Exhibition, Selçuk
2017 "Artankara 3" Nişart Gallery, Ankara
2017 "Sadece Kadın Olmak Yeterlidir" Group Exhibition, Galerie Linda Farrell, Paris
2017 "Birimiz Hepimiz" Group Exhibition, Pusula Sanat Gallery
2017 "Did You Know" Group Exhibition, Pinelo Art Gallery, Varna, Bulgaria
2017 "Kozmik Anafor" Solo Exhibition, Türe Sanat Gallery, Konya
2017 "Birgrupinsan" Group Exhibition, Pusula Art House, Istanbul
2017 "Üşümesin Ayaklar" Group Exhibition, Gallery Bohem, Istanbul
2018 "The Colours Of Life" Group Exhibition, Nişart, Istanbul
2018 "Usta Fırçalar" Group Exhibition, Müjdat Gezen Art Center, Ankara
2018 "Güçlü Kadın Güçlü Toplum" Group Exhibition, Sanat Yorum Gallery, Istanbul
2018 "Birgrup İnsan Adana" Group Exhibition, Pusula Sanat Gallery, Adana
2018 "Kozmik Anafor" Solo Exhibition, Yolo Art, Izmir
2018 "Ruhunu Özgür Bırak" Group Exhibition, Güray Museum Avanos
2018 Solo Exhibition, Hgc Gallery Bodrum
2018 "Bir Grup İnsan 1. Yıl" Group Exhibition, Türkan Saylan Culture Center, Istanbul

Cosmic Vortex 24

Sevil Ozupek
100cm x 150cm

16.000,00 TL
Cosmic Vortex 8

Sevil Ozupek
80cm x 100cm

6.500,00 TL
Cosmic Vortex 23

Sevil Ozupek
80cm x 100cm

5.500,00 TL
Cosmic Vortex 9

Sevil Ozupek
80cm x 100cm

6.500,00 TL
Cosmic Vortex 17

Sevil Ozupek
50cm x 130cm

6.200,00 TL
Cosmic Vortex 19

Sevil Ozupek
50cm x 50cm

3.900,00 TL