Ugur Gokhan

Born : 1961
Hometown : Istanbul / Turkey
Lives & Works : Istanbul / Turkey
Education :

Mimar Sinan University, Department of Photography (1982)


Born in Istanbul in 1961, Ugur Gokhan graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Department of Photography in 1982. Working as a graphic designer and photographer in his agency for many years, he has been interested in the artistic side of photography since 2008 and continues his studies with digital-collage photography technique in Istanbul.

"Undoubtedly, nature has a magnificent aesthetic and a perfect design that integrates with its rhythm and harmony. In the cycle of daily hustle and bustle, I think that the traces of the unique beauties of nature, which form a whole with our thousand kinds of flowers, beetles and cute animal friends, disappear with each passing day, erased from the memory of mankind. Therefore, I hope that by presenting the images I have often captured in nature to the public's view, accompanied by a strong aesthetic emphasis and a visual feast, people will revive the magic of nature in their souls and care about it again. Let's not forget that we're not going it is the responsibility of all of us to best preserve this priceless legacy and carry it to future generations."

"I believe that the contrast of light-shadow in my manipulated photographs, the clear-flu field, the fore-background elements, put a surplus value on my work in terms of size. Moreover, the visual integrity perceived from a distance to my works, which has different meanings in the details when examined closely, is another originality of my works. My work consists of different subjects, from the streets of Istanbul to its historical monuments, from various cities to museums, from different objects to nature. My works are digital collage works produced with a wide artistic identity, ranging from abstract and conceptual and sometimes minimalist style to surrealism."

"I wish that the light within you will shine forever and that the love of art in your soul will never be lost."

2005 Fethiye Municipality Culture Center, Mugla
2007 Fethiye Municipality Culture Center, Mugla
2017 CKM (Caddebostan Culture Center), “Analogtan Dijitale”, Istanbul
2019 Fular’t Art House, “Doğa Üzerine Çağdaş Yorumlar”, Istanbul

2009 Gallery Binyıl, Istanbul
2009 TUYAP Art Fair, Istanbul
2009 Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul
2009 Akdeniz University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Antalya
2009 Ankara Contemporary Art Center, Ankara
2010 Mimar Sinan University, Istanbul
2010 Büyükçekmece Kervansaray Art Gallery, Istanbul
2010 Abbaye Neumünster Gallery, Luxemburg
2015 Mimar Sinan University, “Zeytin… Daima”, Istanbul
2016 Bursa Immigration Museum, “Anılarını Peşlerinden Sürükleyenlere”, Bursa