Extinction Series 3

50cm X 50cm

Mixed Media on Canvas (50 cm Radius)

17.500,00 TL


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Nature is the basis of humanity's existence. Nature is a resource that gives life to people, nourishes, protects and beautifies. It is a value that increases people's quality of life, health, happiness and freedom. Nature is an art in which people create their dreams, hopes, inspirations.
However, people continue to destroy nature, without noticing or ignoring this unique importance of nature. Humans, in the name of creation, are destroying nature. They destroy reinforced concrete buildings, factories, roads, bridges, natural habitats. They disrupt the beauty, diversity, balance of nature. They waste the resources, energy, food, water, air they offer. They harm living things, animals, plants. They remain insensitive to the sound, smell, colors and texture of nature. I believe that humanity is preparing its own end. By slaughtering nature, building large reinforced concrete megastructures, going on a consumption frenzy, starting wars, ignoring cultures, violating human rights, we are dragging ourselves and our planet to extinction. This extinction is disguised as creation, but in reality it is destruction.

The consequences of this massacre of nature will be a great destruction of humanity. People who destroy nature are actually destroying themselves. Reinforced concrete buildings crush people's dreams, hopes, freedom, happiness. Factories are poisoning people's health, their lives, their future. As people move away from nature, they also move away from themselves. People forget to love, protect and keep nature alive.

In order to prevent this great destruction, people need to reconcile with nature, become friends and live in harmony. People should rediscover, understand, value and protect nature. Instead of slaughtering nature, they should protect nature, heal nature, and love nature. Instead of destroying nature, they should create nature, develop nature, share nature, and keep nature alive. Being at peace with nature will enable people to be at peace with themselves and with each other. Being friends with nature will enable people to be friends to themselves, to each other.

Nature is the basis of humanity's existence. Nature is also the basis of the future of humanity. Nature is humanity's greatest friend. Nature is humanity's greatest art. Nature is the greatest value of humanity. Nature is humanity's greatest dream and its greatest hope for salvation.